About us

Foto: Linette Raven

Who are those guys on that yacht?


Willem Smit and Remco Kobus are the permanent crew on board Tignanello. Over 20 years we have been sailing together. Willem is born a sailor (having all sailing licenses, Marcom A+B, CWO-4, etc.), and the last 25 years organising beautiful sailing holidays. In addition to the Netherlands - Greece, Croatia, Turkey and the Carribean were our sailing areas. Remco makes as much time as possible free to sail, besides his profession as television producer. Together we crossed the Northern Atlantic, and Willem did this several times. We sail on different boats in different areas. A Dutch traditional boat like a Valk, or a 80 foot yacht in Asia. In Amsterdam through the canals with our steel boat "Stern'', and the last years sailing the North Sea with our Tignanello (X-Yacht 442). And now we are expanding our horizon with the ''sailing the world'' adventure. On our yacht Tignanello regularly we sail great passages. If you want to expand your horizon as well, or if you have any questions about our trips, please feel free to contact us at sy.tignanello@gmail.com.